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Rabbit, Hutches, rabbit breeders, rabbit products, rabbit toys and all things Rabbity as well as lovely free desktop wallpaper featuring our gorgeous bunnies. Our Banner above Features Furne & Guyrah.

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The Rabbit Patch is no longer home to Mini Lops, (often called mini lop eared rabbits and some even think that they are called Dwarf Lop rabbits little realising that dwarf lop eared rabbits are twice the size of mini lop rabbits) Mini Cashmere Lops and Netherland Dwarfs and of course to all things rabbity including rabbit hutches, accessories, food and helpful advice, as well as free desktop wallpaper featuring our own gorgeous bunnies. Hover over images to see what they have to say!

We first launched our website in June 2005 and now this March of 2009 we are very excited with our new revamped look and we hope that it brings you pleasure as well. We have tried to add all the things that we have been working on but never got around to getting done because there was always something more important to do. Free wallpaper will once again be featured on our revamped website

Welcome to our Rabbit Stud, 'THE RABBIT PATCH' ®

'The Rabbit Patch' has  relocated to Eastern Creek in Sydney, Australia however we welcome visitors from all around the globe to share in the information on our rabbit website.

For Australian visitors, The Rabbit Patch seeks to be a connection for all things rabbity and we hope you will enjoy this website and find it useful. If you do, let others know, if you don’t let us know so that we can remedy it and include your request.

We will keep adding more rabbit related content over the coming weeks/months/years and still invite your input on what you would like to see added. If you or someone you know has a rabbit story, information about an up and coming show or rabbit news that might interest our readers let us know. Please enjoy your ramble through our Rabbit Patch – and we look forward to hearing from you!

The Rabbit Patch ®

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