Rabbit Health

Everything You Need to Know About Rabbit Health


Bunnies have health issues just like us humans so on this page you may find the answer to a problem that you may be experiencing with your furry friend. If you do then we hope the articles provided by us are of a help to you.


Certainly Heat or Sun Stroke is a very relevant topic for all of us here in Australia with our 40'C plus days we have been having. If you want to learn how you can help your little mate in these very hot circumstances and find out what you can do to prevent or treat   Heat or Sun Stroke click here


It is important to handle your bunny every day, especially if you intend to show it. Judges love to pick up a gentle placid bunny which they can handle without the bunny kicking and struggling to escape from them. By daily handling and carrying out a health check at least twice a week on your bunny will not only ensure that your bunny remains gentle and placid it will serve to let you know immediately if there is some change in him or her. To find out more about carrying out a Health Check click here


Is your little mate looking very full in the tummy but not eating or just picking at his or her food? A quick test is to gently palpitate your hands on either side of the bunny's abdomen and see if you can feel a mass of some sort. If you can, then chances are your little mate has got fur blockage or Furball. If you don't want your little mate to die then you will have to take immediate steps to prevent and cure this problem. To find out what you can do to treat Furball or Fur Blockage click here


If you breed rabbits then you may have had does that have had stillborn litters, scattered their babies all around the hutch, and or are hard to get pregnant. If you have then your does may be suffering from Metritis. To find out what you can do to treat or prevent Metritis click here


If your little mate has its teeth protruding out of its mouth and finds it difficult to eat because of it, it may well have malocclusion. To find out what you can do about malocclusion click here


As breeders, we have all had the odd baby that clings to mum after it leaves the nest and doesn't seem to thrive until death finally claims it. If you have ever had one of these little fellows then you may have a 'Fader' baby. If you want to learn more about 'Faders' click here