Welcome to The Rabbit Patch

Welcome to our upgraded website which allows you better viewing from your phone or digital device. We hope that you find the refreshed articles easy to understand, helpful and take inspiration from.

The upgraded Rabbit Patch will once again become your online resource for everything rabbits, especially Mini Lops, (often called mini lop eared rabbits and some even think that they are called Dwarf Lop rabbits little realising that dwarf lop eared rabbits are twice the size of mini lop rabbits)

Our passion is to improve the rabbit fancy by educating the general public and helping them make the right decisions in regard to choosing the right rabbit for them and good breeding practices for those wanting to start breeding.

We will keep adding more rabbit related content over the coming weeks/months/years and still invite your input on what you would like to see added. If you or someone you know has a rabbit story, information about an up and coming show or rabbit news that might interest our readers let us know. Please enjoy your ramble through our Rabbit Patch – and we look forward to hearing from you!

Trish @ The Rabbit Patch ®

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