How to Build Amazing Rabbit Hutches & Housing

There are so many different types of rabbit hutches for rabbits on the market today, made by manufacturers who know nothing about rabbits and hence, whilst their cages may look lovely most are far too small and unsuitable for any rabbit. They are also made of flimsy materials that break or come apart very quickly. They can  be full of pesticides which are harmful to your new furry little mate when chewed on.

The rule of thumb that I consider the minimum requirement for any rabbit is that the cage should be long enough for the rabbit to make at least 6 descent hops from end to end, High enough so that the rabbit can stand up on its hind feet and not be able to touch the roof and wide enough so that the rabbit can stretch out to its full length cross ways from front to back.

At the Rabbit Patch we make a range of cages that will suit everyone's taste, be you pet owner or breeder and the bunnies will love you for it. They also have the added advantage of having a removable kick board across the front of the cage so that when your bunny has chewed it down you simply unscrew it and replace it with a new one.

Even though our cages are spacious enough to suit your bunny from baby to adulthood we recommend that your bunnies have playtime out of their cage in a safe and secure environment to ensure that they get enough exercise.